It's been a wild and crazy summer. Lots of work, no play. New apartment though, and planning the wedding has definitely gotten easier, but now I'm ready for a vacation from my vacations.

I haven't given up posting the novel - just given up for now. I'm seriously wiped beyond belief by all this RL stuff, and something had to go. We unpacked our SF&F books Sunday night (and cataloged them via LibraryThing), and I realised that I haven't touched them since Readercon or so. There's Night Watch, but I should have finished it by now. (I finished the 2nd novella and stopped because I was pissed at being interrupted so often.) I might finish it this week, as I'm off to a conference for my actual research tomorrow.

Life is good - I don't mean to sound down, which I'm not. Just very hectic and in need of a couple more vacation days in a week. I'm hoping settling down to a routine once classes start up again will help.


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