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( Oct. 22nd, 2008 05:26 pm)
You know, I'm not that old a fogey (in fact, I'm something of a young fogey), but I can honestly say that I remember that time *cough*10yearsago*cough* when I was a wee mite reading the Master_Apprentice yahoo group (which I was led to by [ profile] toshieri) and noting the very strong worded arguments that declared RPS as Off Limits (tm). And of course the whole fic slash thing was all very subversive.

Which is all to say that I think, having come across Ana Marie Cox making an RPS reference in Time magazine's Swampland blog it's somehow become the Cool Thing without my noticing.

Of course, given that my head has been solely in front of my lab bench for the better part of the year - when it wasn't in front of my TV, my thesis proposal, or my wedding plans (ah, that delicious week of freedom in Hawaii...) - it's not that surprising that I have failed to notice something.


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