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( May. 30th, 2007 10:49 am)
Wiscon was not what I expected. Much like [ profile] rosefox, I'd heard "Readercon, only bigger" and expected it to be that.

On the other hand, I did adapt enough to have a good time. Seeing people was wonderful, and probably the highlight of the trip. Met [ profile] mroctober for longer than 15 minutes, and he had no idea who I was. Saw [ profile] matociquala and [ profile] truepenny at the Gathering, [ profile] buymeaclue, [ profile] nihilistic_kid around here and there, [ profile] ellen_kushner and [ profile] deliasherman flitting like busy butterflies to and fro, [ profile] sdn after her second panel, wherein we had a brief chat about fanfic, and [ profile] blackholly when she crawled out of bed recovering from whatever bug she had. Met [ profile] grahamsleight and [ profile] desayunoencama, as well as Maureen McHugh and her lovely spouse. Learned a lot.

Heard people diss the Kushiel trilogy on multiple levels, which was highly entertaining, as they expressed most of the problems I had with the book aside from the massive culture rape.

Cleaned up nicely for the parties, and had the joy of Doyle walking around in leather pants (which prompted [ profile] grailquestion and [ profile] yuki_onna to explain to [ profile] justbeast that he needs to obtain a pair), and generally hung around parties. Parties were not what I expected - entirely too much standing around and chatting and not enough, well, partying. When we came down to say goodbye to people on Sunday night there was a dance party going on, and that was great - I wish we could have stayed.

Monday was entirely a day of travel. We planned our England trip from Midway airport and panicked about having two days to do it in. We've mostly accomplished the task now, though. All packed and stuff, and off to England at 10pm Eastern.

I do have panel notes, and I do want to write them up, but I'm not sure I'll have the time before we leave. In that case, they'll wait until I get back.

Did I mention that I read books? Well, I did. Fiction, even! I read Valiant on the plane to Chicago, Vintage and the ARC of So Fey at the con, finishing the former on the plane to Atlanta, then The Theif by Megan Whalen Turner on the plane back. [ profile] queenofthorns reviewed the series some time ago, so when I saw the first two in paperback I snagged them up. Gen certainly hooked me, so I read The Queen of Attolia yesterday, and pre-ordered The King of Attolia paperback, which comes out June 12th. I've packed a bunch more to go, and hopefully I'll have time to write about them more after we return. I'm so happy to be reading fiction again!

Also, [ profile] justbeast asked meaningful questions about Glamour, and prompted me to crack open the Honour draft. It's not as bad as I feared, which is almost always the case. I'm truly looking forward to beginning the revisions to the first book when I get back from England, now. Just a reminder, that if you want to help critique it, answer this poll.
Vacation started, and It Is Good.

This arriving the night before a con thing is turning out to be awesome. We hung out with [ profile] yuki_onna, [ profile] justbeast, [ profile] grailquestion, [ profile] rosefox, and [ profile] sinboy last night after getting in, reading bad fiction and giggling maniacally. Now we're settling in to a hotel room of our own, and everything is lovely and relaxed.

I am very much enjoying myself.
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( May. 22nd, 2007 11:43 am)
It appears I've survived unscathed.

Yay for partytime at Wiscon and England trip! (Which needs serious planning. Yikes.)
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( May. 18th, 2007 08:26 pm)
I'm doing my proposition orals on Tuesday. So in case you're wondering where I am, it's curled up into a little ball and going "nooo!!!"
The proposition paper is in. I am brain fried, but alive.

I should totally do something fun. Like sleep?
James Potter = D'Artagnan
Sirus Black = Porthos
Remus Lupin = Athos
Peter Pettigrew = Aramis.

Stolen cheerfully from [ profile] lareinenoire and [ profile] lodessa (my two English geeks. :)

Book Meme )
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( Apr. 6th, 2007 11:29 am)
It would appear that Doyle & I acquired Wiscon registrations.

Now if we would only get a hotel room and airplane tickets, things would be downright shiny. (Except for the wallet. But you only live once, and we wouldn't be able to go next year.)
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( Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:41 pm)
Congratulations to [ profile] yuki_onna on winning the Tiptree for The Orphans Tales Vol. 1: In the Night Garden!!! I played [ profile] s00j's "For the Girl in the Garden" on my way to work to celebrate. There is yet another reason to go to Wiscon.

Also, in more personal squee, Doyle has asked to be upgraded from "boyfriend" to "fiancé" with an eye on "husband" in a year or so. I've agreed to allow for this modification in status.
Following up [ profile] rosefox's entry, I'm still undecided on Wiscon.

- lots of cool people
- lots of cool programming
- great reviews
- know people who are going - fun can be had

- weekend before our trip to England (though Memorial Day weekend, and time off can be had)
- plane tickets are expensive, and we should be saving for things, such as England
- hotel rooms?
- convincing Doyle he wants to come.

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( Mar. 20th, 2007 11:52 am)
I saw the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End trailer (thanks to [ profile] meilithian, who was kind enough to alert me of its existance). It is SHINY! And seems timed to release following my first set of Orals this May. Good stuff.

Also, Doyle & I will be going to England May 30th through June 7th. If you have suggestions for what we should do or see, please don't hesitate to advise. We'll definitely be in London, Oxford, and Cambridge, but beyond that we have no clue.

Following a conversation I had with [ profile] hamsterwoman, I've been thinking about revisions of Glamour. More particularly, having this plan wherein I go in and revise a chapter a day and then post it here under filtered friends-lock for critique. It seems like something that would motivate me to do the revisions (which I have been dragging on) and yet keep my commitment to not show the thing to anyone until I've done a 2nd draft of all the chapters. This would be a massive project, though, so until I've done my Orals, it's just not happening. But after that, I'll have a bit more breathing room and it'll be good to get it done.

What do you guys think?
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( Mar. 11th, 2007 05:56 pm)
I'm not in a good place right now. There's a lot of stress, and at least some of it is self-inflicted, but most of it isn't. There's a lot on my plate and I'm afraid I'm not enjoying any of it. So there's little to write about. Which is a shame, as I feel there's lots of cool things going on on LJ and elsewhere, and I'd love to contribute, but right now the energy's just not here.
Fantasy & Fables: Fantasy in Graphic Novel Form )

I was going to write up George R. R. Martin's reading, but someone else did it better right here.

The Fantastic and the Mundane: A Look at Urban Fantasy )

Next up, Sunday!
I went very late on Friday - mostly to pick up my registration stuff and see if I could track people down. The original plan was to meet [ profile] yuki_onna at the con, but alas that was not to be. My friend N also completely lamed due to being a grad student with a deadline, so I just walked around briefly and headed home, exhausted.

Saturday was much better, con-wise.

Fantasy, Folklore, and Myth )

More later, work now.
I wrote this on Friday afternoon, and having sat on it for a weekend, figure it's still worth posting. I don't like feeling like I'm angsting publicly but this journal is supposed to be my outlet for creativity, and creativity has been sorely lacking.

[ profile] deliasherman once told me that you can't write while things are going wrong. She's right, of course. (I'll not say "She's always right," but near enough. Let's go with "She's often right.") So perhaps it's no wonder that I draw blanks whenever I so much as look toward one of my writing notebooks - this entry, after all, is being composed on paper dedicated for class notes, during class, no less.

But none of that gives me any comfort when it comes to how well Honour isn't going. Sure, the past month or two I've had plenty of excuses. But what about before? Has the steam gone out of my writing? Am I bored with my own story?

If that's the case, there's also the question of the short stories that have been sitting by, waiting their turn. I've only gotten a few lines on one of them, and I wonder where it's going and what my audience for that one could possibly be.

It feels like someone rolled a big-ass boulder into the middle of my creative stream and every so often I just collect what leaks through.

Well, okay. That's fine for now, I guess. I'm busy with school, and my family is taking far more of my attention now than previously (one way to know you're no longer "the baby" - everyone is looking to you to tell them what to do). But these things are temporary. I won't be in classes forever, and as my family heals and deals we'll lean on each other less.

And then what? Will my interest magically reappear? Do I just wait by the window for my muse to drop by? Until it condescends to see me?

I am so grounded in real life and the mundane right now I cannot fathom fantasy of any sort. (And so I went to Boskone. Heh.) And it makes me want to cry.
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( Feb. 18th, 2007 08:51 pm)
Boskone was good.

Everything else (from [ profile] yuki_onna being stuck in frozen Poconos to my losing one of the earings I got on Tuesday earlier today) made me want to curl up into a ball. So much for a destressing weekend.

Write-up later. I took lots of notes, and got lots of book recs.

Now: Scrubs.
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 01:47 pm)
Eventually, life will not suck quite so much.

It's difficult to return to everyday life, though, when life keeps hitting you with more sick. Plus today's adventure in the Ice Queen's Palace (better known as my parking lot). It's not fun when your car doors are literally frozen shut, I tell you.

I'm exhausted by life, too exhausted to engage in anything creative. My local crafts store is having a sale on yarn today, and for a moment I contemplated stopping by, before realising that I don't really have anything I'd like to make right now. Even the kitty hat's fallen by the wayside.

My reading's stalled too. All the TV I watch has been limited to Good Eats and Boston Legal as activities to vegitate with Doyle. Somehow, most of my normal escapes from everyday life just seem too... escapist.

I sound like I'm wallowing in self-pity. I'm actually not. I'm just LJing while my sinuses are stuffed and making me too drowsy. And if I take the sinus pills I have, they'll knock me out anyway. Rock and a hard place, I guess.

Maybe this weekend will perk me up.
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( Feb. 7th, 2007 10:47 am)
Thank you to everyone for your support. I'm going to be, as with all other aspects of my life, gradually easing back into my terrible LJ addiction.

In the meanwhile, go check out The Mild Bunch, where one of my schoolmates and her friends are doing wonderful things with movie reviews.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2007 11:34 am)
"Family emergency" is such a broad category it aches for refinement. What happened? Will everyone be okay?

It hit us with a ton of bricks, and my world imploded Tuesday night. I'm still reeling - yesterday I didn't know what day it was. The only way I know today is because I have to go to classes. It hurts, all the more because we thought we were safe, past the danger zone, and only sunny skies were ahead.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be around much. I scan LJ for distraction, because if I think too long it goes to places I don't want to remember. But I'm having a hard time talking in person, and even more so to people who are not here, which is why I'm talking around the issue rather than about it.

We'll get through this. We'll be together, and we'll be strong. We just need time, and each other.
Small Sci-Fi/Fantasy cons are extremely lonely to attend on one's own, particularly if they're very sparce on programming they offer. As a result of these observations, though I enjoyed meeting Sharyn November ([ profile] sdn) and Guy Gavriel Kay, I'm extremely doubtful as to my attendance of Vericon should it coincide with the Fetish Fair Fleamarket and more people want to go to that.

Dreadfully lonely. It will be nice to go to Boskone with [ profile] yuki_onna, my friend N, and others.

That's not to say I had a bad time. I'm extremely pleased to have met Guy Kay and to have had the chance to warble at him about how The Lions of Al-Rassan is one of my favorite books ever. (We also discussed my RL name. His mother's family, apparently, is originally from Ukraine, round about Kiev.) And the advance purchase of Ysabel, awesome.

Sharyn, too, was an absolute dream. She was so pleased to hear about how Firebirds is the book that made me love the short story, and we spoke for a bit about [ profile] deliasherman's next Neef book (I mentioned that "Cotillion" was my favorite Delia short story).

I also attended the panel on action (and missed the one on culture due to the Guy Kay signing and blueness that was only abated by a hot chocolate from Finale - [ profile] buymeaclue, [ profile] nihilistic_kid, see what you've done?), where people spoke very intelligently about motion and scene and choreography, and a bit about the Ramayana. There was a good discussion of how action has become very cinematographic (is that a word?) in writing due to fild and television. Also, video games. There was a great deal of fatalism about all the POV shifts and quick cuts, but people also intelligently discussed the way a fight (or sex) scene has to pull its weight in the story by advancing the narrative or the characters or both. The example used was out of The Princess Bride; Inigo Montoya's fight with the Dread Pirate Roberts atop the Cliffs of Despair.

The Guest of Honor speech cheered me immensely, though. Kay offered a "partial defense of fantasy as a mode of fiction." He pointed out that all good fiction is escapism, it's a function of the act of storytelling. He added that his primary goal was always to keep a reader up to 3AM. And that beach reading serves a purpose - it's difficult to read challenging fiction in 15 minute instalments (which I will agree with - Ursula Le Guin and my trips to and from work shouldn't have mixed). He asserts, and I agree, that fantasy fiction has the capacity to be as important, moving, and thought-provoking as the finest stuff you're going to find out there. Moreso, even, as it can tap into myth and legend and bring universal truth home the way historical fiction won't necessarily because it's easy for people to assume you're writing about that one time in that one place. In other words, fantasy allows for the universality of a story and lets the timeless themes shine through.

It helps that he was incredibly funny (and punny). When he didn't wish to engage in discussion of a theme right then, he offered that after the speech whoever did could take him out to the bar and "take his best shot while [Kay] took [his] best shot." There are apparently plans in the works to bring The Last Light of the Sun to a movie theatre near you, and there's a third project for high-end television he can't talk about yet.

All in all? Good stuff. Needs better timing. And more people.


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