I've been feeling slightly sick of late, and thus more than slightly lethargic. So this afternoon I put my new Persuasion DVD in and watched.

I can't really nitpick at all. I loved it, not with the same passion one loves Pride and Prejudice, but with a softness that comes from it being a quieter, more mature love story. I loved the wardrobe decision to put the Musgroves in reds, bright and vibrant, and the subdued contrast of Anne's cloak. I loved the way Anne changes, seems to glow from within as the movie moves along. The music seemed especially appropriate, for reasons I can't exactly articulate.

It's a grand adaptation. And a just portrayal of one of my favorite Austen books.
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( Oct. 17th, 2006 11:57 am)
I should be working, but people are frustrating me by being unclear as to how many resources I have to finish my experiments, so I'll just update instead.

Life continues, and I'm still in love with grad school to an unholy degree, despite surviving a rather unpleasant two weeks work-wise, all things considered. I did well on my exam, and general well in my other class, so life's not too shabby.

[livejournal.com profile] lodessa was here last week, so we did typical New England things like apple picking, typical girlie things like watching the second part of Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) when I had a really bad day, and typical fandom things like writing Veronica Mars meta. We might even get our act together enough to post it when she gets back to her coast. The P&P had the unexpected side-effect that Doyle's interested in going as Mr. Darcy for Halloween, which I'm totally all for.

[livejournal.com profile] lodessa also read the current (let's say 1.3ish) draft of Glamour and gave me feedback I'd not heard before - like how the chapter I think sucks rocks is actually fairly suspenseful, and how I need to make Our Heroine more accessible in the latter parts of the novel. (To be fair to my other editors - I'd not heard that yet 'cause they hadn't gotten that far.) Also, she said the pacing was good, and that's possibly the best thing I'd heard on the subject. We spent the car ride to the train station dissecting, and I'm really excited to go and edit things more... when I have the time. Thanksgiving, maybe?

TV Watching - VM, Dr. Who, BSG, B5, and why Buffy isn't the best thing since sliced bread - why is sliced bread so cool, anyway? )
Spent the afternoon making icons - this one is a partial of the Vertigo Tarot's 9 of Wands. I particularly liked the image of human ingenuity and power breaking through the box.

Other icons from my binge can be found here, naturally - everything after the writer's block one is new. Free to a good home, but please let me know what you take and do not hotlink.

Otherwise, I've been at work on not-so-sooper-sekrit-craft-project, and trying to compensate for having stayed up 'till 4 AM futzing with the desktop. Futzing with the desktop continued on various levels throughout the rest of the day, but I think I've gotten it to the point where I can deal until I purchase a box with a fan powerful enough to keep my processor cool. As is, there's a voronado pointed at the box to keep it manageable and from frying anything.

Still re-reading Austen like it's going out of style. Maybe I'll even tackle Mansfield Park once I've gone over all my favorite scenes to death.

I think I shall crash early to compensate for poor bedtime this morning.


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