I was going to write a post about the awesomeness that is Elizabeth Wein's (aka, [livejournal.com profile] eegatland) series that starts with The Winter Prince, and how right [livejournal.com profile] sdn was when she told me to go read it. I even wrote the title in my little Semagic box. But then I had to go home, and I was tired, I was busy, and then OMG Cultural Appropriation! exploded on the internets.

I followed it for a week with my jaw dropped. I haven't commented because, honestly, I don't know what to think. I did run off and ask [livejournal.com profile] lareinenoire for her opinion, and we had a discussion about how guilty and uncomfortable this whole thing makes us feel. I haven't read everything and I'm actually trying to escape it because it's so painful to watch people yell at each other.

But here's the thing. I grew up knowing exactly how much bigger my family would have been if there hadn't been a Shoah. My grandmother told stories of her relatives who died at Babi Yar. I knew that my mother hadn't gotten into Kiev Polytechnic, despite having great grades and acing the entrance examinations, because her passport read "Jew" under "Nationality." I knew how hard my parents had to work to get my sister into the best school in the Kiev, because her passport said the same thing. I know why they left the Soviet Union, and part of what weighed into their decision was that their youngest daughter wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, and there was no way that was going to happen there. (She's since decided to become a doctor of a different sort.)

But on the other hand, as Tevye said, is that I have fought against their fear for a long time. I know how much they heard the word "Yid," and I know how they'd seen Jewish women who wound up married to non-Jews treated. And I know how worried they were when I dated a man who wasn't Jewish. And I know how many problems they had with my now-husband, even though they love him as their own son. (A lot can be overlooked when a man decides do convert, but that doesn't mean they didn't have to accept him for himself before that happened.) And, to be honest, I know the prejudice they hold in their hearts regarding people of darker skin tones (not that that stopped them from voting for Obama and telling off their friends who were afraid to do so). It's something they work through every day of their lives, and it's something I find myself working through as well. I still remember yelling at my mother, as a teenager, that "We're in America now! People don't act that way!" I'm pretty sure that didn't help her fears any.

But love? Well, that does help. In undergrad social psychology we learned that what breaks down the barriers, what makes people see each other as people and not as "Other" (a term I really, really hate) is working together. Give people of different cultures and races and backgrounds a task and make sure they have to work side-by-side, and eventually, slowly, these barriers we put up for ourselves tumble.

My parents have lived in America for almost 20 years. And in that time, a lot of things have changed. Their elder daughter went to the university of her dreams because of their choice. Their younger daughter is pursuing a PhD, and this summer she married a man who was willing to change his faith, in part to be with her for the rest of his life. And his family accepted her, and she goes to his grandmother's house for Christmas.
Four (just four, no scores) years ago, when I graduated from college, I spent a good three months applying for lab tech jobs, watching Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis), and Firefly on my sister's computer, and otherwise emphatically vegging in her house. I think I may have been what is known as "burned out" - I still remember the feeling of being utterly emptied of any creativity I had at the time.

That feeling is a lot like where I was two weeks ago - utterly exhausted by life and not interested in anything save escaping the constant work, the constant pressure. I was late to get home for Shabbat that week and as I was pulling out of the university the driver in front of me was chatting on with her car full of girlfriends. I honked at her so she would turn onto the only road that leads out of this badly-constructed place, and she decided that flipping me off the rest of the time we shared the road was the way to go. I got home to light candles - late - and as I did so I saw how messy our dining room was. I was hit with such a wave of despair and anger and irrational desire to hit things that I could only manage one thing: I went to bed.

Doyle woke me up a few hours later and we went out for dinner to a mall that has two things that cheer me up immensely - a Borders and a Cheesecake Factory. We didn't really get to explore the Borders before closing, so we went back the next day so I could indulge in some escapism. And that's when, after wandering around and not having anything catch my eye for 15 minutes, I picked up [livejournal.com profile] blackholly's Ironside, and started reading. I bought the book and finished it at home, a few hours later, curled up in the new reading nook I'd made for myself several months ago but hadn't actually used before. And then I went to the stack of books I've bought and not read, and I picked up [livejournal.com profile] libba_bray's The Sweet Far Thing. It'd been waiting for some attention for almost a year now, and I felt like I was going back in time - like I was back at my sister's house in August/September 2004, flying through Tithe and A Great and Terrible Beauty and thinking "I could do this. I have a story to tell."

It's weird how a one-two punch can happen twice. It took me longer to finish TSFT than AGaTB, and I still have many thoughts on it - and it actually makes me want to write fanfic, which is not an event that happens very often. I'll save that for another post (gotta have a reason). But last night I opened the file I keep Glamour in and started scanning it. I read through the notes [livejournal.com profile] lodessa and [livejournal.com profile] hamsterwoman left on my journal last summer. And I started thinking about how I could fix it.

I'm still too far from "there yet." I worked another 12 hour day on Tuesday, I've not really had much success in waking up and going into work earlier so I can leave earlier (though I've now moved it back about 30 minutes). I have yet to write a single word. But today I picked up another book from my overwhelmingly large "to read" pile and put it in my backpack. Gotta start somewhere.
I wrote this on Friday afternoon, and having sat on it for a weekend, figure it's still worth posting. I don't like feeling like I'm angsting publicly but this journal is supposed to be my outlet for creativity, and creativity has been sorely lacking.

[livejournal.com profile] deliasherman once told me that you can't write while things are going wrong. She's right, of course. (I'll not say "She's always right," but near enough. Let's go with "She's often right.") So perhaps it's no wonder that I draw blanks whenever I so much as look toward one of my writing notebooks - this entry, after all, is being composed on paper dedicated for class notes, during class, no less.

But none of that gives me any comfort when it comes to how well Honour isn't going. Sure, the past month or two I've had plenty of excuses. But what about before? Has the steam gone out of my writing? Am I bored with my own story?

If that's the case, there's also the question of the short stories that have been sitting by, waiting their turn. I've only gotten a few lines on one of them, and I wonder where it's going and what my audience for that one could possibly be.

It feels like someone rolled a big-ass boulder into the middle of my creative stream and every so often I just collect what leaks through.

Well, okay. That's fine for now, I guess. I'm busy with school, and my family is taking far more of my attention now than previously (one way to know you're no longer "the baby" - everyone is looking to you to tell them what to do). But these things are temporary. I won't be in classes forever, and as my family heals and deals we'll lean on each other less.

And then what? Will my interest magically reappear? Do I just wait by the window for my muse to drop by? Until it condescends to see me?

I am so grounded in real life and the mundane right now I cannot fathom fantasy of any sort. (And so I went to Boskone. Heh.) And it makes me want to cry.
On a chance, as I was leaving work early yesterday due to ongoing back treatments, I took up [livejournal.com profile] rosefox's offer of "if you're free come hang at the Diesel!" to everyone in the internets. I'm really quite glad I did.

She was hanging out with the delightful [livejournal.com profile] shoujo_mallet when I got there, and we ventured forth to Namaskar, where we were joined by [livejournal.com profile] clauclauclaudia and [livejournal.com profile] quem98, who, along with [livejournal.com profile] rosefox herself, speaks the most clear Russian I've ever heard from a non-native. (I don't think I heard [livejournal.com profile] yakavenger speak much Russian yet...) There was much discussion of Arisia, and the upcoming Fetish Flea, as well as Vericon. The latter two fall on the same weekend, and result in my needing to persuade people that Guy Gavriel Kay happens Saturday, and the Flea on Sunday... really.

After a night like that, I'm having a hard time slowing down the social. I was ridiculously tired and sick after Arisia, but having slept it off I'm more of a "new happy fun people, yay!" It helps that these are people I'm meeting in real life who share the interests on which I started up this journal.

So aside from the car accident, the ear infection, and the cold, 2007 is shaping up well so far. ;)

Of course, classes started up again today. So we'll see how long I can keep this up.
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( Jan. 15th, 2007 10:11 am)
Well, it was my first Arisia, and I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it were my last. We had fun, doubly so as I managed to drag Doyle out to the con and we met interesting people, but there are only so many ways the Universe has to scream "not your kind of party!" before I wrap my head around that.

Quick Rundown. )

Later we went home and ordered Thai food. I wanted to wear the corset until [livejournal.com profile] mrsix showed up, but I lay down and my lower back went into a spasm. The last bit was no fun at all - we had to get the corset off, and get my electric stim unit, and [livejournal.com profile] justbeast gave me a quick massage that helped, but in the end, I was basically immobile for the rest of the evening. People ate and left, and more people came by, and left. I read some Orphan's Tales, though that was bad of me because Doyle & I are supposed to be reading them aloud.

Now I'm at work, but I get to leave early for my chiro appointment and massage at 3. I just need to revive myself to get some work done before that point.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2007 10:10 am)
Happy New Year, Everyone!

I've been sequestered in an Undisclosed Location (that may be somewhere in NH without internet access) since the 30th, feasting and merrymaking with friends, but alas not too much and not skiing at all, for the accident has hurt my back and hip to the point where I feel like a 70-year-old lady at 24. It's very distressing, and the lower back and hip hurt all the time, but the jacuzzi that's available for use has certainly helped a bit. Still, not a good thing to start off the new year by bursting into tears of helplessness.

I'm down to the grad school for the day, but will be driving back up to stay through Friday, which should help things a bit. And then I think there might be a [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna and company on my horizon, which would totally be rocking.

New Year itself was lovely, though, what with the nap I took before the party, and staying up late with friends listening to good music, and presents, because I'm from Eastern Europe and there was a yelka. Doyle got me a lovely new digital camera that I've not had the chance to properly explore yet, but I will, and then there might even be pictures.

I do most of my resolving around Yom Kippur, but I think 2006 has been a pretty damn spiffy year. I got into grad school, finished a 1st draft of a novel, started grad school, I made new friends and met interesting people, I have been in a happy relationship. There've been down-notes, true. But overall, if 2007 is as good, I'll be very happy. Room to grow, and it can always be better. I could, for example, finish another novel, or edit the first one. Passing my Orals is high up there. Most of all? I could do without the pain, though.

Ah well. One day at a time.
I miss writing. Not an accurate statement in an of itself, perhaps. I do much more writing now than I have since I got my BS, much more reading than even in my deepest binges.

But it's not the kind of writing I'm talking about. I miss my characters and their stories. I miss being able to write 3K in a day because I'm just so into the scene, the moment, the story. Witty banter, exploration. I miss going to the Diesel, sitting down with my little black book and pouring out words on a page - my words, and yet not mine for they come from somewhere else that's somehow all in my head. And rereading it later and realising that yes, I wrote that. And I did it at least half-way decently and entirely intentionally. I miss exploring things I don't know about a place I've been the only one to ever imagine.

That's not to say I'm not enjoying myself now. Grad school is definitely what I want out of life, but it's not all I want out of it. Never has been, nor will it ever be. But I am enjoying it - enjoying the friends I've made and the people I've met and the things I've learned about the science and what's going on in biology, and myself. I'm also doing well, by all accounts. Grades don't count for all that much in a five-plus year program, but mine are darn good, and the professors I've interacted with thus far all have positive things to say. I've learned enough from the job of hell not to repeat old mistakes. And I enjoy writing scientifically, too. I love putting down the things I've done, the way I've moved our knowledge of something along. It's rewarding, it's enlightening, and I still get way happy about a turn of phrase, or a creative way of explaining a concept.

I guess I binge on one and miss the other, is all. So much for working consistently. Balance is a figment of my imagination, it seems.

Maybe it's time to set up a writing schedule to keep these funks in check. Say, 500 words a day on anything I want so long as its not to do with one of my assignments. Sound start, I suppose, but the idea will need to percolate more. And maybe wait until after Thanksgiving.
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( Oct. 17th, 2006 11:57 am)
I should be working, but people are frustrating me by being unclear as to how many resources I have to finish my experiments, so I'll just update instead.

Life continues, and I'm still in love with grad school to an unholy degree, despite surviving a rather unpleasant two weeks work-wise, all things considered. I did well on my exam, and general well in my other class, so life's not too shabby.

[livejournal.com profile] lodessa was here last week, so we did typical New England things like apple picking, typical girlie things like watching the second part of Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) when I had a really bad day, and typical fandom things like writing Veronica Mars meta. We might even get our act together enough to post it when she gets back to her coast. The P&P had the unexpected side-effect that Doyle's interested in going as Mr. Darcy for Halloween, which I'm totally all for.

[livejournal.com profile] lodessa also read the current (let's say 1.3ish) draft of Glamour and gave me feedback I'd not heard before - like how the chapter I think sucks rocks is actually fairly suspenseful, and how I need to make Our Heroine more accessible in the latter parts of the novel. (To be fair to my other editors - I'd not heard that yet 'cause they hadn't gotten that far.) Also, she said the pacing was good, and that's possibly the best thing I'd heard on the subject. We spent the car ride to the train station dissecting, and I'm really excited to go and edit things more... when I have the time. Thanksgiving, maybe?

TV Watching - VM, Dr. Who, BSG, B5, and why Buffy isn't the best thing since sliced bread - why is sliced bread so cool, anyway? )
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( Sep. 22nd, 2006 04:00 pm)
What the title says. I've been buried under a pile of grad-school-y stuff. It's been an amazingly positive experience thus far, but certainly an exhausting one. Voluntarily I've been putting in hours that have had people in the lab I'm rotating telling me that I'm working too hard and I really shouldn't stress so much. The funny thing is that I'm not stressed at all on this score - it's the most biologically-related fun I've had since I left undergrad. Absolutely wonderful!

So wonderful, in fact, that it's been stimulating my writing. Out of the blue I started rewriting one of the most troublesome parts of Glamour - the prologue - and just today came up with a really nifty idea for short stories. Cut to spare those who aren't interested. And also, rambly. )

In other news, I'm enjoying the latest season of Stargate: Atlantis like little else. Character moments! And backstory! And group bonding! Yay! Though I haven't seen last weeks', and won't see this weeks' for a bit. SG-1 is looking good too, though I'm sad about the cancellation.

I'm feeling less-than-thrilled over the upcoming VM and BSG premieres, though. Both shows have kind of left me underwhelmed in the aftermath of their second seasons, and the only way I was able to enjoy the Veronica Mars finale was by tossing the plot out the window and forgetting anything that even stank of continuity and cohesion. Though to be fair, I wasn't thrilled with the the first season's finale, either. Battlestar Galactica sort of went downhill for me after the Pegasus episodes, and for pretty much the same reasons. I'm not at all impressed with the commercials SciFi's been running, either.

My semagic informs me that today is [livejournal.com profile] matociquala's birthday. Happy Birthday Bear!

Today is also the start of Rosh Hashannah, so if you thought that I'd be on more now that I've appeared briefly, you were most likely mistaken. Nevertheless, Shannah Tovah to all that celebrate, and may you be inscribed in the Book of Life!
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( Sep. 12th, 2006 10:03 pm)
I feel simultaneously "with-it" and "out-of-it" to odd proportions. My car isn't starting again, and I'm not getting enough sleep to the level where caffeine levels that would normally send me bouncing off the walls have failed to lift the haze.

However, when the haze lifts - when I get enough sleep, or get something science-y done properly and feel like a worthwhile human being, I'm writing again. I guess I'm strange in that I can't have one without the other - no real progress on writing without some scientific pursuit in my life. I can go a while without writing but with researching, though, and then the damn breaks and I write close to 50,000 words in a few weeks. I'm strange, it would seem, but we knew that already.

Grad school continues to be good for me, though. So all's well in the long-term, even if tonight I'm wondering whether my head and my pillows are truly separate entities like other people claim.
So. There has been a recent "meme" of sorts about the all the cool people's blogs about "how to write a novel." (In case you don't read, it can be found here, here, here, here, and here, at the very least and in the order I saw them.) And really, that's great.

I've already (technically) written a novel, though. And while I don't think I'm cool enough to share the process, I will say that my brain did conjure something very similar to the spreadsheet idea as a cookie for me (it was a notepad file, started off by keeping wordcount, and then evolved to keeping the names of the chapters - Glamour's not the sort of book where I need to keep track of the POV). In any case, I have a fairly "set" method for writing novels that is differently-evolved from my method of writing short stories or essays, and I'm pretty happy with it. It works for me.

What I don't have is a way to actually get myself to look at the book again. I can think about it, make a list of all the things that are broken and need to be fixed - even, on occasion, how I can fix them, but I can't bring myself to open that bloody file labelled "Glamour Draft 2.doc" and get to work. I dread it. I'm absolutely sure it'll be horrible, and I'll hate it and won't stand to even edit it and will destroy my own creation in a blaze of madness.

Rationally, I know it's not that bad. I know where it's broken, but I also know where the strong points are. It is fixable, but I actually need to be willing to fix it. I'm willing to bet that it'd be nice work if I could get it. And if you can get it, please won't you tell me how?
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( Sep. 6th, 2006 04:45 pm)
Running ragged has, apparently, run me ragged. Or it could have been one of my so-called friends who dropped by Sunday night and brought his or her cold with them as a present. Whichever it is, I pulled a half-day at school and came home to drink tea, read books and papers, and generally recuperate. Unfortunately, my head's really fuzzy, so while I am getting through The Blue Sword at an acceptable pace, I have to read in short snatches and rest.

Not too happy with being sick, as you might imagine. It's way too early in the year to be laid up, and most inconvenient in terms of school. So I lie here and fret and occasionally read part of a good book. I suppose I could always load a DVD, but I'm trying to minimize the time I spend staring at bright screens. Perhaps they're unavoidable...

I feel myself rambling though, so I best lay off and rest again.
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( Sep. 4th, 2006 02:28 pm)
I slept almost until noon today. Wow.

So the first week has absolutely overwhelmed me with information and science-y goodness. Which is grand, because it's been such a positive experience.

However, as a result, I've gotten absolutely nothing done on anything remotely related to writing books, short stories, or anything of the sort. The closest I've come, I think, is finding this really nifty image that quite resembles my heroine prior to all the things that happen to her in the books. I know the tagging says it's an angel, but I see no wings, but a really pissed of girl, so I'm going with that. The bonus of that has convinced me her hair need not be all that long, so I'm thinking the length in the picture is right for what I want to do (and has the bonus of having Adelle really resemble her). Dunno what she's doing hanging out on that rock in that really nice dress, though. Feel free to suggest your own interpertations.

In other news, Doyle has started an insane Mythbusters marathon with the aid of the DVR, and bought a Nintendo DS, with Tetris. I have, as a result, been staring at bright screens for inordinate amounts of time, and that really ought to end. I think I'll go buy tea, instead.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2006 11:53 pm)
I've had a shitty day. My car wouldn't start, I had to go through downtown Boston during rush hour(s) because of it. Then I got a teensy bit lost.

The best thing today was the Daily Show, and even that had not the power to cheer me.

So help me out here, something amusing?
It's a curse. I shall not see a full Shakespeare production this summer.

We drove out to see Redfeather Theatre do As You Like It - which is about an hour away from where we live. Got there just in time with our Wendy's meals (didn't think to get dinner ahead of time), and settled in on our picnic blanket to watch. They even gave me a student discount though I don't have my ID yet. We got through almost an hour of the production (I think to Act II, Scene 7 of the play itself) when the clouds grew dark and menacing and started flashing lightning prompting the actor playing Jacques to utter the title line instead of the famous speech.

The ad lib certainly amused my boyfriend (hereafter referred to as Doyle because I'm tired of always saying "my boyfriend") but shut down the production pretty effectively. And now we spent another hour driving back through heavy rain. I didn't even get to see Rosalind quote Marlowe! Very, very sad.
I did accomplish things today. Just nothing that out of the ordinary. Other than watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. That was funny.

I don't know why, but I have this urge to organize my music collection yet again. It's something that happens every few months when I look at my computers and realise "holy shit this is a mess." And then I spend a few days trying to make it come out right. And maybe I get a bit more done, but I eventually abandon the project in favor of "real" productivity. My boyfriend (I'm really going to shorten the title soon, it's getting annoying typing it all the time) calls his organizational plan "Project Sisyphus." I'm starting to think he has a point.

Not that I've had the desire to do much else of late. I'm actually starting to look forward to grad school starting so that I can have a break from all these trips and settle down into some sort of routine that will allow me to get stuff done. Or so I think. I thought having a two month break would let me get stuff done.

Sorry to be so not-thrilling. Go check out LoudCrowds and be happy!
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( Aug. 13th, 2006 10:16 pm)
Yes, I still live. Spent the week in busy RL world, the upshot of which is the arrival of my shiny new Vaio laptop. It weighs 4lb, and holds a lot of stuff. Or rather it will, when I get around to transfering the lot of stuff from one computer to the other. Which will probably be this week.

In the middle of Robin McKinley's The Hero and the Crown which is amusing. Still needing the light stuff, definitely, as real life has turned my brain to splooge. Maybe I'll return to something nearing sane in a few days. One can only hope.

Unfortunately, I missed my last chance to see the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company for the year in favor of family, but I shall comfort myself with the knowledge that Taming of the Shrew is very far from my favorite play. Still, free Shakespeare - sadness.

Ah well. No need to be too down. How about a poll? Shiny poll!

[Poll #794083]
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( Aug. 9th, 2006 08:09 pm)
Due to the latest friending meme, I have acquired quite a few new readers. *Waves hi.* Don't be shy, join right in.

A few bits of information that May Come In Handy:

1. I will discuss real life but rarely in this journal, as it began as an escape from a very stressful job situation and has continued to be my haven for things of fannish squee, original writing, and general things most of my RL friendslist wouldn't be interested in. I do keep an RL journal - and have kept it for some 4 years now - and if you're really interested, I'd be glad to friend you on that one. Just leave a comment and let me know.

2. In addition to blathering about fan things at length and odd points in time, I am currently editing the first draft of the first YA urban fantasy novel I've ever written, Glamour, and writing the second, Honour, but slowly. I suffer no illusion that everyone on my friendslist would care for these posts - as quite a few people have friended me for unrelated things. If you would like to read about my writing/editing process in general, and when the time comes read what is most likely to be the second or third draft of these works and provide constructive criticism and/or cheerleading, please answer the poll here, or leave a comment on this entry saying so.

3. Also, some of my earlier original work (and I can't seem to complete fanfiction to save my life) is housed here, at Gather.com. I am a concrit nut, and am always desperately happy to receive any. You need to have an account at Gather to participate in discussion there, but you could always leave a comment on an entry in my LJ or e-mail me at delinka at gmail dot com. If you do wish an account, one's easy to set up and if you ask me for an invite I get B&N gift cards. ;) More seriously, it is a good website with a bent toward adult publication and debate, and it rewards members for participation by sharing a portion of it's advertising revenue.

4. Other original fiction and art is scattered throughout this journal under friendslock. I have a set of links to various tags in the sidebar, for convenience.

5. Currently I have a lot of free time, and this journal receives a great deal of my attention. At the end of this month I'll be starting a very intensive grad program in the biological sciences (have your eyes glazed over yet?), and consequently my free time will go down the tubes. I don't know if it will impact my journaling overall, but it will definitely decline in times of exams and such.

Please keep your legs and arms inside the vehicle, and enjoy the ride. ;)
Spent the afternoon making icons - this one is a partial of the Vertigo Tarot's 9 of Wands. I particularly liked the image of human ingenuity and power breaking through the box.

Other icons from my binge can be found here, naturally - everything after the writer's block one is new. Free to a good home, but please let me know what you take and do not hotlink.

Otherwise, I've been at work on not-so-sooper-sekrit-craft-project, and trying to compensate for having stayed up 'till 4 AM futzing with the desktop. Futzing with the desktop continued on various levels throughout the rest of the day, but I think I've gotten it to the point where I can deal until I purchase a box with a fan powerful enough to keep my processor cool. As is, there's a voronado pointed at the box to keep it manageable and from frying anything.

Still re-reading Austen like it's going out of style. Maybe I'll even tackle Mansfield Park once I've gone over all my favorite scenes to death.

I think I shall crash early to compensate for poor bedtime this morning.
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( Jul. 17th, 2006 09:01 pm)
Still alive. Survived my journey to super-rural Cleveland with relatively minor fuss. It might have been the second-fastest I've ever gone through a security line. Am not safely ensconced in my parents house, where I shall be until next Monday, barring a possible trip to PA.

Had strawberry milkshakes with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna, and saw the absolutely gorgeous art for The Orphan's Tales. I heard her read excerpts at Readercon, and they were awesome, so I can't wait to see the book in all its glory, the not-ARC, I mean. Also under discussion were why lately there's a great deal of gay male protagonists in female-authored fiction (current theory - it's largely [livejournal.com profile] ellen_kushner's fault), and a dearth of gay females. Sole exception I could immediately think of being Carel Bierce, of Blood and Iron - though she's less of a protagonist and more of a supporting character.

The Lies of Locke Lamora is still in progress, though might be tabled for a bit as I run through a bunch of papers on RNA transcription and splicing (hands up if you know what the hell I'm talking about) so that I can have a leg up on this whole "grad school" concept.

Everything I write lately feels very rambly.


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