...that of course I post fanart instead. Swordspoint fanart, to be precise.

Eventually, I will aquire a graphic tablet, and things shall be cleaner, and in color. For now, I just draw and scan. I do, however, still think it's pretty. Even if the blasted cloak took a month.

Feedback is adored and concrit is divine.

Richard and Alec: First Meetings. )
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( Oct. 3rd, 2005 11:44 pm)
Existance is sadly rather RL-focused these days. Even the novels have slowed to 0 words/day status, which is rather pathetic, I think. It might, of course, have something to do with the Gaping Plothole of DOOM (tm) that I can't seem to dodge.

I did watch the Veronica Mars premiere, and I did see Serenity. Both had points worthy of discussion, and not just how Joss Whedon recycles his tropes. Unfortunately, that too is not processing in ye olde mind.

Fortunately, I did a piece of fanart for [livejournal.com profile] lareinenoire during the sick-yet-productive period two weeks ago, and as that chapter finally went up at Schnoogle, so I figured it'd be safe to post. It's actually the second piece I did for the fic, but the first chronologically.

So here she is, Dorcas Meadowes, as she might appear in Be All My Secrets Remembered.


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