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( Jul. 9th, 2006 06:49 pm)
Readercon 17 is over. I have worked my way to one (1) free admission to next year's, along with various swag that includes a signed Judith Berman novel and a mug. Spent too much money that I couldn't afford to spend on books, and had a wonderful time with old friends and new alike.

Also, World Cup Final spoiler. )

There will be a real update... eventually. Now I go see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest with friends, and collapse into a tired heap. At least I don't have to drive anywhere.
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( Jul. 5th, 2006 10:35 pm)
*sigh* Combining the first two chapters isn't so difficult, but it largely involves sync-ing several people's edits to something reasonable. As a result, [ profile] fuyu_no_fuhei has convinced me to wait until [ profile] lareinenoire arrives here tomorrow before deleting/rebuilding/polishing. They're going to take it all apart while I'm off stuffing Readercon packets.

May they have no mercy on my poor book. :-)

In other news, much SQUEE!! regarding today's semi-final, and I'm off to resume my reading of Blood and Iron, which won the battle of the books.

*sigh* I just wish my sore throat would go the hell away.
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( Jul. 2nd, 2006 01:34 pm)
UPS & I have reached an accord - they will stop messing with my head, and I will get up before 8:30 tomorrow morning (my birthday) and get down there to pick up my packages. I think I'll feel like a winner after I've got them, but right now I'm just a tad bitter.

In other news, while a store copy of Blood & Iron was relatively easy to locate, I had to go to Providence to find a copy of The Virtu. I can't tell whether it's because they haven't stocked them yet or whether they keep being ripped off the shelves, though I hope for [ profile] truepenny's sake it's the latter.

I wasn't really in Providence for the books, though. We went there to see WaterFire, which was truly and spectacularly awesome. Nothing like 100 baskets full of fire on three rivers with musical accompaniment that includes Chopin, Bach, and Dead Can Dance, while two entertainers do fancy fire tricks on narrow ledges. It goes from sundown to 1 AM, though we only stayed 'till 11 or so. And then there was cheesecake for dinner. Came home and collapsed in a tired but very happy heap. Thinking about going again on the 15th, dragging people from around to come with.

And finally, because it's not like I was going to ignore it, a bit of football - specifically, Brazil v. France )
A Bit of Football Wanking )

UPS simply refuses to deliver my books (and my Pride and Prejudice miniseries, and the boy's wireless card...) when I'm here. I literally camped out in front of my building in wait for the UPS guy, and he came by after I had to leave to meet friends for dinner. GRR!! Argh!! So still not murdering cat-thieves or insane gay mages for me. I amuse myself pondering what they could possibly be doing in Chapter 5 as a way to pass the time. (Yeah, sad. The Coop didn't have it stocked either.) Also attempting to get through A Wizard of Earthsea and Looking for Jake. Let you know how that works out.

Despite looking forward to this break for a long time, my jobless state is only now starting to sink in. Strange, I thought it would be a bit more revelatory. So, in that spirit, a poll.

[Poll #759870]
Well, we can now expect Ukraine to get their asses handed to them quite nicely by Italy.

But quarter-finals! Their first time! Oh, yay!

But seriously, they've forgotten how to play again, I swear. You pass when there's no break in the defense, not when you're wide-open, and shoot the other way around. I had to sit hugging a pillow for bloody penalty kicks! Penalty kicks!

Still, they made it. Am happy.


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