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( Nov. 12th, 2008 10:08 pm)
So my paid account expired and my Jaime Lannister icon is unreachable. But that won't stop me from linking to this post by GRRM telling one and all HBO has given the production order for The Game of Thrones pilot.

That news almost makes up for my 12-hour work day yesterday (and today mostly takes care of what's left).
Fantasy & Fables: Fantasy in Graphic Novel Form )

I was going to write up George R. R. Martin's reading, but someone else did it better right here.

The Fantastic and the Mundane: A Look at Urban Fantasy )

Next up, Sunday!
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( Jan. 17th, 2007 06:06 pm)
A Song of Ice and Fire coming to HBO.
The monicker, used in Swordspoint to aptly describe one Lord David Campion has been stuck in my head for days. It has been lodged in association with Felix Harrogate, after reading the opening chapters of The Virtu, and it has brought on a case of speculation regarding characters and character archetypes.

Namely, I love those bastards.

Athos was my favorite Musketeer, not the golden D'Artagnan. But I have a feeling that, were I to reread those books today, Aramis would be coming up neck and neck to my troubled gentleman. Likewise, it is the Comte de Monte-Cristo who captures my imagination, not the young Edmond Dantes.

It is never the hero who attracts me, not in the classic sense. Harry Potter with his loving parents who died on his behalf, guided on your typical hero's journey toward the inevitable triumph (though not without proper amounts of sacrifice) is, to me, quite boring. It is, for that reason, I suspect, that while we spoiler! ) in A Song of Ice and Fire, it is Jaime and Tyrion Lannister who hold my affection, along with Jon Snow, who more spoiler! ).

It is easy to be a hero when you're Harry Potter. You might be scared out of your mind, but in your heart of hearts you know you're a good guy. You know that good is what you do, and you know that evil is something you can overcome.

But how much more meaningful is it when you're not said Harry Potter? When you're a kingslayer, a kinslayer, a guy who organizes bum fights, a runaway drugged-up academic, or a former child prostitute and an instrument of your own destruction? When you know that evil you've done, whether it served the greater good or not, is evil you've done, and you struggle to do better anyway?

The odd thing, I find, is that I can only think of one female character who fits into this archetype (Elizabeth Bear's Jenny Casey, of Hammered, etc). Why is that?

And who do you think of?
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( May. 1st, 2006 11:19 pm)
A few days ago, [ profile] queenofthorns assigned me the letter "L" for the 10-things-you-love meme. It took me quite a long time to come up with 10 things, and by the time I did, I had 11. Whoops. Here it is (in alphabetical order):

1. Languages - I think this one stems from my love of reading. Some of the earliest books I remember reading were translations, and it was always ingrained in me, even before we left the USSR, that I would need to know more than one language. They sound nice, each one with its own rhythm and style. Family and individuality. Communcation and my love of talking and writing also contribute, but there is, I think, an underlying unease about not knowing a language and not understanding what's said. It probably stems from immigrating - not understanding German, or Italian, and especially not English (and 2-5th graders are mean little bastards when you can't understand what they say). I don't ever want to be that helpless again.

2. Lannister, Jaime - ASoIaF Spoilers Through A Feast for Crows )

3. Lannister, Tyrion - ASoIaF Spoilers Through A Feast for Crows, once more )

4. Lavender - It's clean, soothing, and helps my migraines. I love the scent, as it can put me to sleep or revive my ability to think. Just breathing in lavender relaxes me, and it reminds me of undergrad evenings in my room, getting back massages from one of my housemates that allowed me to function during CS project all-nighters. It's odd that I miss that, but I do. There was a great deal of social that no longer happens now that I no longer live in a house with 5 people.

5. Left Hand of Darkness, The - Spoilers for... well, everything. )

6. Legends - Any kind, really. From folklore of Koschei the Undying and Ivan the Simple (and Baba Yaga, naturally) to the Celtic cycles, to Greek, Roman, Sumerian, Norse, Japanese, Hindu, Egyptian, and I'm sure I've forgotten a few pantheons. I grew up with my dad telling me the latter and my mom telling me the former. I think it's the concise storytelling and what it says about human nature that really appeals. Kind of like balladry (which can be a subset, too) - storytelling skeleton where only the essentials remain over time.

7. Lilacs - Lilac is the first scent I remember clearly, even from Kiev. They were my late grandfather's favorite flower, and while I still lived in Ohio, every spring we'd cut a branch or two and put it at his gravesite. But even before he passed away, it wasn't spring until I smelled lilacs blooming. Then May seemed that much brighter and the sun more refreshing. My mom also loves lilacs - I can count on a vase of them if I go visit this month. They remind her of Kiev, blooming with tulips, poppies, and lilacs, and buckeye trees in the springtime. I know I shouldn't remember it, but I do recall wide boulevards of tall, shady, blooming trees.

8. Literature - Do I really need to explain this one, given the blather on books and characters above? Yes? Oh, well. Here goes... )

9. Logan Echolls - Vague S2 Spoilers )

10. Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The - Hoo-boy. Unrepentant squeeing )

11. Loreena McKennitt - Other people spent their angsty teenage years listening to Nine Inch Nails, and I did too. But the memories I have of high school inevitably end in driving home with Loreena McKennitt in my CD player and my girl friends singing along with Book of Secrets or The Visit. She's got a haunting, melodic voice that draws you in and enchants. And the influence ranges the world over - from Celtic myths and Tennyson to the Trans-Siberian railroad and Morocco. She might very well be the musical equivalent of my reading obsession.
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( Apr. 1st, 2006 10:52 pm)
Vacation was wonderful, very restive. I've only been back a day, and so not fully into the swing of things yet, but I'm already procrastinating. Our DVR broke while we were away, thus I have no Dr. Who, no West Wing, no Veronica Mars, and no Boston Legal. I also can't get cable in my living room. The company will replace the unit on Tuesday, but it's not the sort of homecoming I'd have preferred.

I've spent the day alternating between the second book in Patricia McKillip's Riddle-Master (the complete trilogy arrived while I was away, yay!) and the end of A Feast for Crows, with some forays into knitting books. I'm trying to convince myself that what I want to do is start revisions on the novel, or at least type up the chapters that are only in longhand at the moment, but I'm failing miserably. So I'm distracting my brain by trying to find a title for the book - its working title completely fails.

I've also got this story lurking in the back of my mind. Over a year ago, I came across [ profile] mroctober's announcement about his forthcoming anthology, So Fey and had the kernel of a story. Usual plot-related wangst. )

And, just because AFfC appeared earlier in this entry, spoiler for most of the way through the book, however minor )
Let's talk Targaryens and prophesies. Spoilers ahoy!

Younger and More Beautiful )

. . . three heads has the dragon . . .  )

And on this note, I go drink tea and sleep. My brain is dead from trying to find one GRRM answer in the Citadel.

(Also, [ profile] queenofthorns, have you seen Amoka's galleries? I think I like his art more than the artbook.)
Herein lies a great deal of blathering about George R. R. Martin. The latter part (having an LJ-cut all it's own) will contain spoilers for A Dance With Dragons - he read a chapter at the con.

The Strength of Sadness )

Kaffeklatch )

Non-Spoilery Reading Stuff )

And here be the spoilers. Enter at your own risk. )

And now, to bed. Pleasant dreams everyone!
Reading Update: I'm about 200 pages into A Storm of Swords right now - for those who may have different editions or somesuch, I'm in the first Sam Tarly chapter - so my thoughts will be colored by what I've gleaned thus far.

A Song of Ice and Fire Discussion. Spoilers into the third book, enter at your own peril. )

I think I must stop there. I'm about falling over, and must rest if I drag myself to work tomorrow. I think I shall save the rest, including my thoughts on "the dungeon scene," for tomorrow.
So after finishing the lovely Delia Sherman's absolutely beautiful (yet simultaneously creepy) The Porcelain Dove on Friday morning, I turned toward that book that has been sitting and taunting me since October. Perhaps you've heard of it? It's called A Game of Thrones.

I had planned on cleaning. Or, you know, finishing my book. Yeah, not so much.

Spoilers only so far as I've managed to read in A Game of Thrones - about half-way. )


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