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( Feb. 14th, 2008 01:13 pm)
Doyle & I are a bit stuck on picking out a song for our first dance. We've tried asking around, but haven't met with much result. So, friendslist, would you be kind enough to suggest some ideas?

A few notes:
1. Much as I'd like it, I simply can't do justice to a tango in the wedding dress I've ordered.
2. The guests will be seated and most likely have eaten a bit prior to the actual dance. There's no need to keep it short, though too long is probably bad, too.
3. Nothing where you're dancing like you're back in middle school, please. Something where you can actually move and use the dance floor is preferred. A waltz would probably be best.

The song that has appealed to us most in sentiment is Dar Williams's "You Rise and Meet the Day," but it's not very dance-able. We're really not into the traditional sappy love song.

So, thoughts?
Just got back from seeing [ profile] ellen_kushner perform Thomas the Rhymer with Joe Kessler - lovely music, lovely tale. I'm very sad that they took the "Trees They Grow So High" subplot out of the show, but I do understand how long it would run with the whole of it in. Still, lovely ballad, sad Del.

Ellen and Delia looked great, though, and I scored the omnibus The Swords of Riverside that combines Swordspoint, the three short stories, and The Privilege of the Sword, which [ profile] lareinenoire and I were just discussing not minutes before the show.

Boston-area peoples should go see them read at Pandemonium tomorrow (6-7pm, I think?) and/or Porter Square Books on Thursday (where I'll be), at 7PM. Smaller kids, I think, would really get a kick out of Delia's Changeling. She reads with the voices and everything.

And now, I go collapse. My week has yet to recover from my Sunday evening/Monday morning trip to pick up my sister at midnight in Providence. So sleep good.
In my attempt to square away my music collection I came across a track labeled "Bonus Track."

So not useful. On top of that, it sounds damn nifty. It's in Spanish near as I can figure, and I can tell you that someone has no desire to love, and that it's courtesy of Pink Martini, but here is where my story ends. For you see, Pink Martini has no bonus tracks that I can find anywhere. And it's making me really sad.

So have a YouSendIt link, and help a girl out?


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