Fantasy & Fables: Fantasy in Graphic Novel Form )

I was going to write up George R. R. Martin's reading, but someone else did it better right here.

The Fantastic and the Mundane: A Look at Urban Fantasy )

Next up, Sunday!
Just got back from seeing [ profile] ellen_kushner perform Thomas the Rhymer with Joe Kessler - lovely music, lovely tale. I'm very sad that they took the "Trees They Grow So High" subplot out of the show, but I do understand how long it would run with the whole of it in. Still, lovely ballad, sad Del.

Ellen and Delia looked great, though, and I scored the omnibus The Swords of Riverside that combines Swordspoint, the three short stories, and The Privilege of the Sword, which [ profile] lareinenoire and I were just discussing not minutes before the show.

Boston-area peoples should go see them read at Pandemonium tomorrow (6-7pm, I think?) and/or Porter Square Books on Thursday (where I'll be), at 7PM. Smaller kids, I think, would really get a kick out of Delia's Changeling. She reads with the voices and everything.

And now, I go collapse. My week has yet to recover from my Sunday evening/Monday morning trip to pick up my sister at midnight in Providence. So sleep good.
I am off visiting people at glorious Pennsylvania retreat, where internet is limited, and even if it wasn't I'd not be spending much time on it as there is a lake! For swimming! Still, gmail's inaccessible and it's driving me batty to not get my e-mail, so I'll settle for posting briefly.

I've been reading Dawn Cook's The Decoy Princess, which is great at subverting tropes and full of enjoyable characters. Not Faulkner, but then I'm in the mood for a light read having re-read [ profile] ellen_kushner's divine The Priviledge of the Sword prior to leaving. I've got my head chock full of thoughts on how Alec Campion is a great champion of women's rights, and when sober, a remarkably useful person to know. There might be a post on that later, full of spoilers for all three books. Then again, that depends entirely on how coherent I can make myself under all the squee.

My own writing is still being beaten into submission. I feel like I've written something that might have a few jewels underneath if only I can scrape away all the dust and annoying bits of forcing the plot to the point where it makes no sense. And rewrite the prologue so it's not a vehicle for all! melodrama! all! the! time! (Yes, I do like my exclamation points today.) Still, it's a process that's helping me immensely, and I like to think is actually simplifying a narrative that will be difficult enough with all the characters and their arcs in there.

But more importantly, swimming!


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