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( Jul. 9th, 2007 09:25 am)
Readercon was great, though much less with the panels and much more with the social this year. Bought many, many books just the same.

Gave Friday-morning brunch ride to an overcrowded car, including [ profile] maureenmcq and her lovely husband only to return in time for her kaffeklatch. Stayed after for [ profile] blackholly's, had a fabulous time and also met Laura Anne Gilman. Saw [ profile] mroctober, who reminded me that I do need to write up my thoughts on Vintage and So Fey (and, for that matter, Megan Whalen Turner and the love I bear for her). Also [ profile] sdn who, upon learning of my love for MWT told me "Here's Elizabeth Weir. Megan loves Elizabeth's writing. You should read." (I totally will.) Caught [ profile] matociquala in the lobby, and she told me of the hotel's hot tub and a fabulous Korean BBQ place two miles away from the hotel, then caught her kaffeklatch. Went to fabulous Korean BBQ place with my "con family" of [ profile] grailquestion, [ profile] lunaratu, [ profile] rosefox, [ profile] sinboy, and [ profile] yuki_onna, along with [ profile] megmccarron and a lovely person named Liz whose LJ I do not know.

Somewhere in there was also dessert at Finale for my birthday, drinking beer on Saturday night while falling asleep to [ profile] yuki_onna's rather strong opinions on Neil Gaiman, a girly shopping trip to the mall with [ profile] grailquestion and [ profile] lunaratu, and seeing [ profile] fuyu_no_fuhei, though too briefly.

I went to more readings than I did panels, and I am now searching somewhat desprately for the anthology from which Theodora Goss read her story despite acquiring ridiculous (and I mean ridiculous) quantities of anthologies this weekend. Caught a bit of the Interfictions readings - everything Interfictions was scheduled opposite something else I was also interested in. The reading was Sunday "morning" (noon, actually) when I'd gotten so burned out on con I just drove in late.

Despite it all, I did miss [ profile] ellen_kushner and her guitar. [ profile] yuki_onna's commentary on that was great: "And I now know all the lyrics to 'Beeswing,' too!" There's always next year, I hope.

Now I'm at work, desperately trying to remember how I do that. I hope I shall be able to overcome my desire to flee editing my book and post more this week.
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( Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:41 pm)
Congratulations to [ profile] yuki_onna on winning the Tiptree for The Orphans Tales Vol. 1: In the Night Garden!!! I played [ profile] s00j's "For the Girl in the Garden" on my way to work to celebrate. There is yet another reason to go to Wiscon.

Also, in more personal squee, Doyle has asked to be upgraded from "boyfriend" to "fiancé" with an eye on "husband" in a year or so. I've agreed to allow for this modification in status.
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( Jan. 15th, 2007 10:11 am)
Well, it was my first Arisia, and I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it were my last. We had fun, doubly so as I managed to drag Doyle out to the con and we met interesting people, but there are only so many ways the Universe has to scream "not your kind of party!" before I wrap my head around that.

Quick Rundown. )

Later we went home and ordered Thai food. I wanted to wear the corset until [ profile] mrsix showed up, but I lay down and my lower back went into a spasm. The last bit was no fun at all - we had to get the corset off, and get my electric stim unit, and [ profile] justbeast gave me a quick massage that helped, but in the end, I was basically immobile for the rest of the evening. People ate and left, and more people came by, and left. I read some Orphan's Tales, though that was bad of me because Doyle & I are supposed to be reading them aloud.

Now I'm at work, but I get to leave early for my chiro appointment and massage at 3. I just need to revive myself to get some work done before that point.
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( Dec. 15th, 2006 04:29 pm)
This week I have:

1. Gotten a card from [ profile] lepapillon (thank you!).
2. Sent out nearly 50 holiday cards (family, friends, marathon).
3. Experienced that car-you-were-riding-in-got-hit-from-behind feeling.
4. Saw [ profile] yuki_onna and [ profile] nihilistic_kid and [ profile] buymeaclue.
5. Got a massage to relive back pain.
6. Found out I have severe injuries from the accident above.
7. Fainted in the middle of nurses taking X-rays.
8. Took my final exam.

Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating! I'm going to wander off and have a drink now.
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( Dec. 4th, 2006 10:18 am)
I have a presentation later today, but I'm so burned out on it I want to finish, go have a stiff drink, and crawl under my covers and sleep. Semester's almost over, and it's taken a lot in terms of energy.

There are many good things, though. On Saturday, [ profile] yuki_onna and [ profile] s00j had their reading/concert thingie at Pandemonium Books & Games. So we met up for yummy Indian buffet for lunch and talked about old Soviets and other things.

The performance itself was amazing - I'd not heard SJ sing before, and immediately snapped up three out of her four albums (didn't have the cash for the last one, very sad). I've been addicting people ever since. Tiny skinny white chick, big amazing voice.

Afterward I was going to slink off home to work on my presentation, but [ profile] nihilistic_kid and [ profile] buymeaclue had planned Finale for dessert, and Cat and SJ made puppy eyes and I figured "Sure, why not, I could use some chocolate." So off I went to Harvard Square - driving, while everyone else walked. In retrospect, I should have put our names down then and there for a table, but that's what comes of not thinking very hard.

When people arrived we were told it'd be a 45 minute wait. So we went next door to B Good, which had the most amazing fries that I've ever tasted at a fast food joint. I actually really dig their whole model - they grind the beef for their burgers on premises daily, fresh kill delivered chickens, bake their fries, and post all the nutritional information on their signs. All very nice.

Anyway, at this point it's way past my bedtime, but I persevere due to the promised chocolate and more chocolate. Eventually we managed to get two tables of four for eight people after waiting for at least an hour and a half, and they serve me molten chocolate and honest to G-d bittersweet hot chocolate, and it was good. I hazily remember their being a conversation about gaming and writing in there, but at that point I was in sleep/chocolate fog.

Unfortunately, it took them three tries to get the bill broken up right and by the time I got into my car it was past 1AM and I was sad. I got home as soon as I could, though, and crawled in bed and passed out.

And I wrote my powerpoint in an hour the next morning. Hoo-boy I can't wait until this one's over. I'm drinking tea like it's going out of style to wake up enough.
So. There has been a recent "meme" of sorts about the all the cool people's blogs about "how to write a novel." (In case you don't read, it can be found here, here, here, here, and here, at the very least and in the order I saw them.) And really, that's great.

I've already (technically) written a novel, though. And while I don't think I'm cool enough to share the process, I will say that my brain did conjure something very similar to the spreadsheet idea as a cookie for me (it was a notepad file, started off by keeping wordcount, and then evolved to keeping the names of the chapters - Glamour's not the sort of book where I need to keep track of the POV). In any case, I have a fairly "set" method for writing novels that is differently-evolved from my method of writing short stories or essays, and I'm pretty happy with it. It works for me.

What I don't have is a way to actually get myself to look at the book again. I can think about it, make a list of all the things that are broken and need to be fixed - even, on occasion, how I can fix them, but I can't bring myself to open that bloody file labelled "Glamour Draft 2.doc" and get to work. I dread it. I'm absolutely sure it'll be horrible, and I'll hate it and won't stand to even edit it and will destroy my own creation in a blaze of madness.

Rationally, I know it's not that bad. I know where it's broken, but I also know where the strong points are. It is fixable, but I actually need to be willing to fix it. I'm willing to bet that it'd be nice work if I could get it. And if you can get it, please won't you tell me how?


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