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( Sep. 16th, 2005 08:01 pm)
I've been sick for the past two days badly enough to stay home from work. It's like a minivacation with a swollen throat and some sinus problems, and I feel like I'm playing hooky because I was always one of those stupidly overachieving kids who couldn't for the life of her not feel bad when she had to stay home from school and do nothing but get better. Probably because I got sick so often as a kid.

There are, however, bonuses to this condition. First, I get to drink massive quantities of tea, and second, I've written more novel. It occurs to me that I've added people to my friendslist (and people have added me), and some might not know that to sign up for novel blathering, one should leave a comment on this entry, and you'll be added to the filter.

This evening has provided endless amounts of amusement with the fabulous [ profile] nuhiep's discussion of biology-abuse on SG:A, and [ profile] amberlynne's wonderful fic recs.

..Maybe now I'll be inspired to write more. Or something.
I begun this essay as a way to get over my bitterness about missing Signal2Noise 2k5 when I was two stops down on the T because of soul-crushing work, and resulted in a catharsis on my problems and generally a good way to clear the headspace.

Thanks muchly to [ profile] lareinenoire, [ profile] rosamund, & [ profile] drglam for looking it over and helping me out when I was stuck.

Click here for fairly coherent thought on original and fanfiction, and the social aspects of the two. )

Up next (I hope): A Veronica Mars Primer


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