One day I'll make a post not related to my wedding. Maybe it'll be about my research or something. Today is not that day.

We decided - at the very beginning of this wedding process - that we absolutely hate those little bells and bubbles people give out as favors. It became just one more chatchka to clutter your space and make you feel bad about throwing it away.

But we do believe - as all good little Jews should, I suppose - in healing the world through acts of goodness and charity, and that a joyous occasion is a perfect time to give to those less fortunate. So we made a list of worthy causes. We're going to pick five and let our guests choose the charity their "favor" money goes toward.

My very first choice was a campaign to legalize gay marriage. It was going to be Mass Equality, but seeing as the vote to put the gay marriage ban amendment on the ballot in 2008 failed - effectively killing it in MA - I've been wondering if there's a more national campaign, or another one people could recommend?
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