I wish I were kidding.

Well, for one thing, I am now PhD Candidate Adelynne. Or something like that. In any case, no more classes, no more TAing, no more anything save research until I get the PhD. You'd think this change in status would relax me. You would be horribly mistaken. I know science and I are a good fit because I am genuinely excited about it once more. I'm happy with my thesis project, I'm relatively productive despite all the upheaval, and I'm generally happy with my work life. It took most of the year to get here, but that's all right. The important part is not to lose sight of it as I begin the horrible slog toward the thesis.

Another thing? I'm married now. Yup, signed a contract, exchanged rings, Doyle stepped on a glass and everything. I don't have too many pictures yet, but I'll try to post some when our photographer gets back to us with the proofs.

We went to Hawaii for the honeymoon. It was exactly what was needed - an all-inclusive package where we didn't have to plan anything, but saw a great deal and even had some beach time to get sunburned. There are pictures of that, too, but my paid account expired, so I'm looking for space to post them in. We returned just in time for my birthday, but were still just too burned out and jetlaged to do much at all. So we went out for Margaritas and spent the 4th of July weekend trying to catch up on sleep. Then I spent the past week trying to catch up on work. It's all been very slow and surreal since.


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