It's been a wild and crazy summer. Lots of work, no play. New apartment though, and planning the wedding has definitely gotten easier, but now I'm ready for a vacation from my vacations.

I haven't given up posting the novel - just given up for now. I'm seriously wiped beyond belief by all this RL stuff, and something had to go. We unpacked our SF&F books Sunday night (and cataloged them via LibraryThing), and I realised that I haven't touched them since Readercon or so. There's Night Watch, but I should have finished it by now. (I finished the 2nd novella and stopped because I was pissed at being interrupted so often.) I might finish it this week, as I'm off to a conference for my actual research tomorrow.

Life is good - I don't mean to sound down, which I'm not. Just very hectic and in need of a couple more vacation days in a week. I'm hoping settling down to a routine once classes start up again will help.

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Congrats on the new apartment!

By Night Watch do you mean Nochnoi Dozor/Lukyanenko rather than the Pratchett one? In either case, would be most curious to see your thoughts once you're done...

Oh, and I totally mean to get to the last two chapters you posted, once I'm back from this vacation thing -- I had notes on the first, but the computer ate them, and haven't yet had a chance to read the last one, but am looking forward to that.

Have fun/hope you had fun at the conference!

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Спасибо! Да, Ночной Дозор. I kept trying to read the 2nd part and getting interrupted, which resulted in my figuring things out a lot earlier than Anton, which pissed me off when he kept monologing. "Just go there already, will you?"

I tried to read the Pratchett version in Aruba, but Doyle didn't have anything, so I gave it to him and still haven't gotten back to it. He did praise it highly, so I do plan on returning to it, one day.

No worries - I really have been swamped with real life. Which is a shame because the last chapter I posted made me just keep reading after I was done with the edits, so I guess there are some things I got right even for me. :)

The conference is fun so far - and very pretty. I may post pictures of all the double-helicies when I return.

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Oh, I forgot to say that I hope you're having fun. But as you're in Hawaii, I find it difficult to believe you're not. ;)

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I can't recall which the second novella is in Nochnoi Dozor -- my memory of that book is now all scrambled by the movie-whose-plot-was-totally-different-in-huge-thematic-ways (have you seen it?) That's the one that starts off with the other guy, not Anton, right?

So many of my reactions to Dozor had to do with its interplay/commentary on "Ponedeljnik Nachinaetsya v Subbotu" (which I think you said you haven't read?) that I'm not sure I really appreciated it in a stand-alone sort of way... I do want to read the sequels, though, but I haven't come across them in the library, alas.

Do post the pictures of double helices!

Oh, and you're absolutely correct about the difficulty of not having fun in Hawaii -- we had a blast, and will be very sorry to leave tomorrow.


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